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Author Archives: Dorette de Swardt

Five years later, time for a reunion

This year marks five years since we departed with our scooter from Pretoria and started our journey across Africa. Many things have happened since that day we drove out of the Capital City on our bike, it feels like a lot more than five years. We have had two kids, been to a couple more countries, … Continue reading »

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Two kids, a trailer and a roadtrip to Cape Town

You’d have gathered by now that we love roadtrips, so naturally we decided to take our second family vacation since Amia was born and drive to Cape Town and the West Coast for a three week long December Holiday. Roadtripping with two kids under three is crazy. There is always at least one that is … Continue reading »

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Where heaven and earth meet

Anyone out there with a sense of adventure will know Meru, a sacred mountain in the Himalayas. Meru is considered to be the centre of all physical, metaphysical and spiritual universes. It’s the place where heaven meets earth, the centre of the universe – and what can be more magical than that? In 2015 world … Continue reading »

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If you want to live off the beaten track without disappearing from the face of the earth entirely, then Nieu-Bethesda is a pretty good bet. During our most recent road-trip we spend some time in this charming little town. With dusty streets – and only a couple of them at that – a beautiful church, … Continue reading »

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Have babies, will travel

Soon after our wonderful road trip through Morocco, we decided to add to our family once more and we’re happy to announce that a second little traveler is expected in a couple of months! So, naturally, we packed up and took a road trip through four South African provinces for a couple of weeks as … Continue reading »

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Eastern Cape Vibes

Part of the reason why we decided to (temporarily) settle in the Eastern Cape after our African adventure was the fact that we had not previously explored this stunning province as much as we would have liked to.  I have lived in Mpumalanga, Gauteng and the Western Cape before and while we were living in … Continue reading »

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A travel bucket list must: Morocco

Sitting on the balcony of one of the many restaurants overlooking Marrakech’s world famous Jemaa el-Fnaa square, it feels like I have been transported into a different world. Somewhere down there a man is persistently playing a Berber flute while a cobra dutifully dances to the tune. Dozens of fruit juice carts are parked to … Continue reading »

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Friendly Morocco

  During the very early stages of ‘planning’ I do Africa (more like discussing rather than planning) we had hoped we might reach Morocco. Back then driving our big boy up the western side of Africa was on the cards – before we changed our minds and drove op the eastern side of the continent. … Continue reading »

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The Heart of Africa

Somewhere in the remote northern areas of the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) lies the Heart of Africa. A beating heart, situated close to the lungs of Africa – the magnificent rainforests of the Congo basin, which not only plays a major role in keeping much of Africa’s weather patterns constant, but produces much of the … Continue reading »

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Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Okay, it’s not Africa but recently we had the great privilege to travel to the UAE as a family. Dubai is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced and in great contrast to our African adventure. It’s a first world city with great infrastructure, transport, beaches and heaps of entertainment. Guillaume, being an engineer and loving anything … Continue reading »

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